You are the company you keep.



All Consumer Enterprise Frontier

Creating a new way to discover & inspire


Powering entrepreneurs around the world


Esports leader & creator of League of Legends

Acquired by Tencent

Design better, faster, together

Connecting people to unique travel experiences

The game inside the game

Internet service from another galaxy

Free voice and text chat for gamers

Enabling today’s freelance revolution


The collaborative platform for Data Science

Payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance — all in one place

Changing lives by changing healthcare

Empowering product teams

Track and trace pharmaceuticals seamlessly

Empower your teams with the knowledge they need

The epicenter of cryptocurrency and blockchain

Video review and collaboration, solved.

The more affordable daily contact lens

The most popular crypto wallet in the market

Connecting people with self-driving vehicles

The Internet's favorite sheets

Safe, dependable rides for kids

Unlock the seamless flow of actionable customer data

Automate up to 70% of your customer service

Identity and access management, simplified

Acquired by EMC

The human body, visualized

A Retail Marketing Platform for one-to-one communication

Peer-to-peer recognition to elevate success

The world's first Platform-as-a-Service

Acquired by Dell

The ultra-resilient database for global business

The content intelligence platform

Acquired by WeWork

Forecasting platform for the food industry

Supercharge your partnerships

The world's best digital wallet and identity manager

Turnkey last mile delivery for retailers

Take back your privacy

Changing the way the insurance industry does business

Acquired by Marsh & McLennan

The funnest way to shop

Enable marketing & sales to fish with a spear, not a net

Made-to-order essentials for the modern woman

The intelligence hub for customer conversations

Better benefits for all

An internet for machines, built and owned by you

Defining sustainability with data

Turn your documents into machine-readable data

Harness the power of mobile and digital communications


Unlock better, healthier financial choices for borrowers and their communities

On a mission to curb the spread of illness

Changing how communication works in healthcare

High-quality wines delivered

Discover what your mind can do

Freeing traders to innovate

The ultimate timesaver for healthy eaters

A magical way to find the right job

Streamline claims and underwriting with mobile photo and video

The ultimate joyride

Deliver a better content experience

Good things come to those who give

Lower your trading costs today

You deserve a better doctor

A loan to payoff credit cards

Sell your home without the hassle

Improving human health through genomics

Predictive analytics for the world of gaming

Acquired by Unity

Games that change the way communities play together

Simplified genetic testing

Acquired by Cooper Genomics

Your office, ready to work

Unleash your music

Transforming the learning experience

Transactions simplified

Acquired by NASDAQ

The perfect social marketing platform for the e-commerce entrepreneur

Understand your customers

Your 3D content on web, mobile, AR & VR

World-class natural perfumes

Harnessing geospatial data to predict the future

Acquired by GeoEye

eSports Training Platform

Solving the skyrocketing cost of college

The world’s largest ticket marketplace

Acquired by eBay

Personalization for the modern marketer

Acquired by Telenor

AI for Sensitive Information

Most comfortable underwear on the planet

Video intelligence to empower businesses

Online lending made simple

Access a decentralized future

Support you need without settling

Scheduling simplified