VentureBeat | 06.16.14

With 60M members using its brain-training app, Lumosity finally launches on Android

By Dean Takahashi

Lumosity has more than 60 million members using its brain-training app. So, the company is finally launching an app on Android.

The San Francisco-based firm hopes to raise the collective IQ of its users through games that make them use their brains. The apps use neuroscience research as a foundation. Lumosity started in 2005, and it launched its first Web application in 2007. Its service has grown dramatically on iOS, and nearly half of its new users come from mobile. The company advertises heavily on traditional media, so you’ve probably seen its marketing.

“We’re excited to launch our Android app, which will allow us to reach more users and provide them with a convenient and fun way to train with Lumosity from anywhere at any time,” said Kunal Sarkar, CEO of Lumosity, in a statement. “Our goal is to create the best, most accessible brain training experience, and with Android reaching 80 percent of the smartphone market share worldwide, launching on Android is an important step toward that goal.”

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