Fast Company | 05.17.18

MissionU Acquired by WeWork to Bring WeGrow Online

By Ainsley Harris

FirstMark portfolio company MissionU is acquired by WeWork to bolster its WeGrow mission:

“[Rebekah] Neumann…. unveiled her vision for WeGrow last November. (At the time, she was operating a seven-student pilot.) Today, she is expanding that vision to include online learning, with the acquisition of higher education alternative MissionU. As part of the deal, MissionU founder Adam Braun, who previously founded nonprofit Pencils of Promise, will join WeWork as WeGrow’s COO.

“The mission statement of MissionU is to help every person reach their full potential,” says Braun, who launched MissionU last year. “As I spent more and more time with all the incredible people [at WeWork], it was just so clear that this was the right place to achieve that.”

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