FirstMark | 01.22.18

The FirstMark Elite Program Connects Startups with Students: Three Reasons to Join

By FirstMark

TL;DR: engineering and data science students looking for internship or entry-level opportunities should apply here; one simple application puts your resume in front of dozens of innovative companies across the globe.

For students, finding compelling opportunities at outstanding startups is difficult, requiring hours of research, resume and cover letter tinkering, and applications. While internships traditionally gave students a competitive edge to their peers, in more recent years internships have become a prerequisite for applying to competitive jobs in tech.

Similarly for startups, developing an internship program can bring in incredibly talented, enthusiastic candidates who may come back to join the team as a full-time hire (and can make an impact immediately on day one, since they are already up-to-speed on how your product and teams run). However, as beneficial as it may be to hire on interns, putting in the time and effort to build a successful internship program is often not a top priority for startups.

This is why we launched our annual FirstMark Elite program, a summer internship and entry-level program that connects elite computer science, data science, math, and engineering students with the most innovative startups in the world. With just one simple application, your resume is shared with dozens of FirstMark startups.

So why should you apply to FirstMark Elite and intern for a FirstMark startup?

  • Work on innovative technology and truly make an impact. FirstMark companies are tackling exhilarating and complex problems—from disrupting the Internet space with faster, affordable wifi, to automating professional photo editing services with machine learning. As a FirstMark Elite intern, you’ll be a key contributor to the team and work on exciting projects that drive significant positive impact to the product. You’re not just a cog in the machine, you’re a true partner and team member.
  • Learn about the tech ecosystem as a whole. All candidates who are accepted and placed into the FirstMark Elite program will gain exclusive access to social events and networking opportunities with top VCs, founders, and engineering leaders from across the FirstMark portfolio. Throughout the summer we bring in top industry leaders to present to Elite students about the lessons they’ve learned from starting their own company or navigating the tech ecosystem; this is a rare opportunity to learn from and network with the best.
  • Meet peers and have an unforgettable experience. While Elite is an opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology and network with some of the top leaders in tech, it is also an amazing opportunity to make lasting connections with fellow Elite students.

FirstMark Elite is a truly rewarding program — for our companies, who connect with incredible talent; for the students, who learn skills to help bolster their career and work alongside incredible mentors; and for us, for the chance to meet and interact with talented students who will shape the future world of tech.

We’re excited to launch this year’s FirstMark Elite program and hope you’ll be a part of it this year. Apply now – we can’t wait to meet you.