FirstMark | 05.05.10

SPADAC Acquires Veratect Technology

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SPADAC, the premier provider of innovative predictive and geointelligence analysis solutions for government and industry, announced today that it has acquired all of the Intellectual Property assets of Veratect. Veratect’s technology provides the world’s most effective and earliest possible disease risk situational awareness capabilities to corporations, insurers, government, and NGO clients. Veratect’s situational awareness products, tracking the emergence and impact of influenza and over 225 other infectious disease pathogens, represent an unparalleled asset to risk mitigation strategies and actions, protecting employees, their families and business operations across the globe.

By employing Veratect’s Verasight™ data services, corporate risk, supply chain, and security managers can obtain highly customized alerts of risks at every geographic location of relevance to their operations and employees. Actions can be taken that can save lives, enable effective loss control, preserve business processes, safeguard supply chain operations and facilities, and better manage financial reporting and insurance coverage.

“SPADAC will add the Veratect technology to our current risk analysis capabilities as well as with research and development efforts, both internal and with strategic partners,” said Mark Dumas, SPADAC CEO. “Globally forecasting threats and risks is a core competency, and it just made sense to add a biosurveillance layer to our offerings. While Veratect’s technology and methodology excelled at anticipating events through analysis of indications and warnings, we feel that we can reignite the vast prospective global customer base that Veratect started with the integration of our advanced predictive technologies. At the same time, we will bring the technology to some of our Government customers where there has been keen interest.”

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