TechCrunch | 06.23.15

Sense360 Launches Out Of Stealth To Make Your Apps Smarter

By Jordan Crook

Sense360, the company that received $2.75 million in seed without ever telling us publicly what it is that they do, has just come out of stealth with the launch of their SDK.

The idea behind Sense360 is actually quite simple, though execution of that plan is anything but.

Essentially, Sense360 has found a way to combine all kinds of data from the sensors in a smartphone, paired with location, to deliver proactive user experiences for various apps. A very simple example would be Uber implementing a prompt to order a car whenever you are leaving a bar where you’ve spent more than two hours, if you’re more than a mile from home.

But as you can imagine, it can become far more nuanced and layered than that.

During the private beta, Sense360 worked with companies like (letting users input their credit cards to determine which will reap the biggest cash-back rewards at various locations) and ChangeCollective (implementing proactive surfacing of the right self-help course at the right moment), along with others such as Happinin’, Tank&Bear, ZipDrug, and RazorGator.

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