BostInno | 02.19.15

Proletariat Debuts Much-Anticipated ‘World Zombination’ for iOS

By Kyle Alspach

Cambridge game developer Proletariat on Thursday released massively multiplayer game “World Zombination” for iPad and iPhone, among the most ambitious games to come out of Boston’s indie games scene in recent years. The game has been in the works for about 20 months and Proletariat has raised $8.5 million in funding—including a $6.5 million Series A disclosed earlier this month—setting up some pretty high expectations for World Zombination to be a hit.

The game download is free, and generates revenue through in-app purchases.

World Zombination allows players to pick whether they want to be on the human (Survivors) side or zombie (Infected) side in a global-scale battle. “You can play both sides, and so in a way we are making two completely different games,” CEO Seth Sivak told me in a recent interview. “The gameplay is different, the story is different [depending on the side]. There is a ton of stuff for players to play.”

Proletariat said an Android version will be released soon, while PC and Mac versions are planned.

The company’s investors include Oculus backer Spark Capital and Riot Games backer FirstMark Capital.

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