Matt Turck's Blog | 10.25.16

New Investment: Dataiku, or the Early Maturation of Big Data

By Matt Turck

In his latest post, Matt Turck reflects on the maturation of Big Data and announces his newest investment in Dataiku:

In the early days of Big Data (call it 2009 to 2014), a lot had to do with experimentation and discovery. Early enterprise adopters would play around with Hadoop, the then-new open source framework with a funny name, trying to figure out where the technology fit in the broader landscape of databases and data warehouses. People would also try to figure out what a “data scientist” was – a statistician who can code? An engineer who knows some math? It was a time of hype, immature products and trial and error.

Fast forward to today, and the Big Data world has entered a phase of early maturity. To be sure, for many enterprises around the world, Big Data is still a very new experiment. But by now the early adopters have deployed Big Data technologies in production and at scale for a variety of use cases, and are starting to see results.

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