The Times of India | 10.25.12

Making data mobile

There’s an adage: “Success is often a miss-step in the right direction.” Vishwanath Alluri’s success is among the exceptions. A chartered accountant, Vish – as his friends call him – sensed the promise of data on mobiles soon after cellphones came to India.

In 1998, he read an article in Financial Times, London, talking about how data would drive the mobile phone space and dominate the business of mobile phone service operators. Soon after, he was at the first Symbian Conference where speaker after speaker elaborated the power of data on mobile. “The presentations gave me the confidence that we in India could do this,” he says. And he did it.

Today, DaVinci, the mobile data services platform for telecom operators that Alluri’s firm IMImobile developed, supports data access by over a billion mobile phone subscribers through 80 operators in 64 countries.

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