PR Newswire | 04.12.17

Upgrade, Inc. Launches New Consumer Credit Platform

Upgrade, Inc. ( today announced the launch of a new consumer credit platform that combines a marketplace lending approach with tools that help consumers understand and monitor their credit. “We are excited to introduce innovations… Read More »

No Film School | 04.12.17 Releases 2.0 to “Solve Feedback Paralysis” for Video Collaboration

The 2.0 revision of the platform makes it even easier to collaborate with teams, freelancers, and clients on video projects. Wrangling a video collaboration with a team can feel like a never-ending process of… Read More »

Deadline Hollywood | 04.11.17

Star Wars & Omaze Kick Off 40th Anniversary Of Sci-Fi Franchise With New Charity Campaign

For the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida this weekend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley made a special announcement: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the sci-film franchise, Star Wars: Force for Change and Omaze launched Star Wars Past, Present and Future fundraising campaign… Read More »

Wall Street Journal | 04.03.17

FirstMark and Sequoia Bet “On ActionIQ for Marketers’ Data Management Platform”

The Wall Street Journal covers ActionIQ’s $13MM Series A from top-tier investors including Sequoia Capital, FirstMark, Amplify Partners, and Bowery Capital. Note that a login is required to read the full article. Sequoia Capital has… Read More »

FirstMark | 03.19.17

Phosphorus Launches Genetic Tests for Inherited Cardiology Diseases Associated with Sudden Death and High Cholesterol

The tests can help affected patients and family members guide disease management to prevent severe cardiac events, such as heart attack or sudden death. Read the original post here. New York. March 15, 2017. Phosphorus,… Read More »

TechCrunch | 03.16.17

Brooklinen tucks in $10M in Series A from FirstMark

FirstMark is proud to announce its investment in Brooklinen, which offers high quality home essentials at fair prices. Read the full coverage in TechCrunch here. At some point, everyone has an ‘Aha!’ moment when it… Read More »

Wall Street Journal | 03.09.17

Smart Thermometer Startup Kinsa Collects Series B

The Wall Street Journal covers Kinsa’s latest round of funding, which will help Kinsa in its mission to “track and stop spread of illnesses”.

TechCrunch | 03.09.17

Airbnb closes $1B round at $31B valuation

After the vacation marketplace Airbnb last year filed SEC forms raising $555.5 million, today the company filed a new form D that has closed off its Series F with an additional $447.8 billion, bringing the… Read More »

Rick Heitzmann's Medium | 03.07.17

We Believe in Vision — Welcome Hubble Contacts!

Rick Heitzmann shares his thoughts on FirstMark’s latest investment in Hubble Contacts. Originally posted on Rick’s Medium blog: Over the past decade, we have seen firsthand the explosion of direct-to-consumer brands displacing legacy brands in… Read More »

TechCrunch | 03.07.17

Hubble raises $16.5 million to deliver affordable daily contact lenses

FirstMark is proud to announce its investment in Hubble Contacts, led by Rick Heitzmann. TechCrunch shares more details here: A subscription commerce startup that sells its own brand of daily disposable contact lenses, Hubble, has… Read More »

TechCrunch | 03.02.17

HowGood raises $4.2 million to guide shoppers to products that match their values

Millennial consumers care about the sustainability of what they buy more than any other generation that came before them. This point is illustrated in studies from Pew Research, Clemson University and Nielsen to name a… Read More »

VentureBeat | 02.28.17 targets teams with business edition of its AI scheduling assistant

Artificial intelligence company is expanding beyond serving individual professionals to now include entire teams. Today it launched its business edition, which lets employees use their own virtual assistant to schedule meetings across G Suite,… Read More »

Dataiku Blog | 02.16.17

Dataiku Named a “Visionary” in Gartner Magic Quadrant

In a recent post, Dataiku celebrates being named a “Visionary” in its Gartner Magic Quadrant: Since the beginning, Dataiku has empowered all the members of data teams (from beginner business analysts to advanced data scientists)… Read More »

Matt Turck's Blog | 02.13.17

Debunking the “No Human” Myth in AI

In his latest post, FirstMark’s Matt Turck shares his perspective on the current state of Artificial Intelligence: What goes up must go down, and the hype around AI will inevitably deflate sooner or later. One… Read More »

TechCrunch | 02.08.17

Pinterest adds visual search for elements in images and through your camera

Pinterest said today it’s launching three new products today that will point out specific elements in pictures — whether viewed live through a camera or through a typical image search — and use them as… Read More »