Forbes | 05.12.18

Dataiku rated #1 Best Big Data Company To Work For, Florian Doutteau Named #1 CEO

From The Best Big Data Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2018 Based On Glassdoor: Employees would most recommend Dataiku, StreamSets, 1010 Data, Reltio, Looker, SAP, Google, Salesforce, Tamr, DataRobot, Domo, Microsoft, Qubole, Attivio… Read More »

Rick Heitzmann's Medium | 05.10.18

Announcing our Investment in Perch Homes

Rick Heitzmann announces our latest investment in Perch Homes, a “certified pre-owned home marketplace”, welcoming CEO Court Cunningham and the entire Perch team to the FirstMark family: Our mission at FirstMark is to partner with… Read More »

Fast Company | 05.01.18

Beth Ferreira in Fast Company: “…an increased number of founders talk about diversity”

FirstMark’s Beth Ferreira interviewed as part of Fast Company’s “What HR Is Doing To Make Sure There Aren’t More #MeToo Moments”: As for startups, those that have grown quickly often add to their ranks without… Read More »

VentureBeat | 05.01.18

Facebook and Sketchfab partner to bring free 3D models to AR Studio

As part of Facebook’s goal to make the camera its core augmented reality platform, the social media giant today announced that it is partnering with Sketchfab to bring more 3D models to AR Studio, its… Read More »

CB Insights | 04.20.18

Rick Heitzmann Named “Top 100 Venture Capitalist” by The New York Times and CB Insights

Rick Heitzmann, FirstMark founder and Managing Director, was named a “Top 100 Venture Capitalist” by CB Insights and The New York Times. For the third year in a row, CB Insights partnered with The New… Read More »

Catherine's Blog | 04.17.18

Parsley Health and the next frontier of healthcare

Catherine Ulrich announces FirstMark’s investment in Parsley Health and the company’s mission to transform healthcare: Think back to your last primary care appointment. How long did you meet with the doctor? Did he know your… Read More »

TechCrunch | 04.17.18

Parsley Health picks up $10 million to reimagine health care

According to Parsley Health, the average adult spends 19 minutes with their physician every year. Seventy percent of the time, these short visits result in the prescription of a medication. “According to the CDC, 70%… Read More »

Matt Turck's Blog | 04.16.18

Frontier AI: How far are we from artificial “general” intelligence, really?

In his latest post, Matt Turck explores how close we are to achieving artificial general intelligence. Read the full post here. Some call it “strong” AI, others “real” AI, “true” AI or artificial “general” intelligence… Read More »

FirstMark | 04.06.18

HopSkipDrive Launches in Denver

When Joanna Aguilera found out her 6-year-old son would be transferring to a new school in Englewood, she was excited but anxious. The Denver day care, which shuttled Aiden to his old school, didn’t go… Read More »

TechCrunch | 04.04.18

InVision acquires design visibility tool Wake

InVision, the NY-based design platform focused on collaboration, has today announced the acquisition of Wake. Wake is a design tool focused squarely on supporting design visibility throughout a particular organization. Wake allows companies to share… Read More »

Conductor Blog | 03.06.18

Conductor Joins WeWork to Humanize Marketing

In a recent blog post, Conductor announced they are being acquired by WeWork: Conductor joining WeWork is a validation of everything we’ve all been working towards — showing businesses how to use their power to… Read More »

Beth Ferreira's Medium | 03.06.18

Welcome Justworks!

Beth Ferreira shares her thoughts on FirstMark’s latest investment in Justworks. Originally posted on Beth’s Medium blog:  One unsexy truth for all businesses is that internal operations are critical to achieve transformative scale. Today, it… Read More »

FastCompany | 02.20.18

MissionU Named “Most Innovative Company” by Fast Company

Alongside a few other members of the FirstMark family (Pinterest, Airbnb, and Shopify), MissionU is named to Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies: Launched in 2017 with over $11 million in investment and offering… Read More »

Colorado Public Radio | 02.16.18

Managers Are Usually The Ones Awarding Bonuses. What If Your Co-Worker Could?

On Friday, Bonusly CEO, Raphael Crawford-Marks, and Colorado Public Radio’s Andrea Dukakis discussed “what if your coworker could award bonuses?” and how Bonusly’s uniquely positioned to help realize that new world: A Boulder-based company called… Read More »

VentureBeat | 02.02.18

Hubble Contacts Launches Subscription Service in the UK

VentureBeat recently announced Hubble’s expansion into a new market: Hubble, America’s first direct-to-consumer subscription contact lens brand, announced today the second wave of global expansion with a launch in the UK. Following Hubble’s debut in… Read More »