TechCrunch | 07.20.16

Kinsa’s new Smart Elmo Thermometer is Sesame Street’s first connected device

By Brian Heater

A Sesame Street partnership is a big coup for any company – let alone one that’s only existed for four years and produced two Indiegogo-backed products. But Kinsa’s line of smart thermometers clearly struck a chord with the team behind everyone’s favorite educational monsters. The hardware startup’s third official product is also the first connected device to get the Sesame stamp of approval.

“Kinsa approached Sesame Street,” the startup’s VP of marketing Lauren Davis told TechCrunch. “We’re a very mission-driven company, as is Sesame Street. In order for our mission to come to life, we need to get as many parents and children to use Kinsa thermometers as much as possible. They were our first choice as a partnership.”

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