Matt Turck's Blog | 10.18.17

Introducing SelfMade

By Matt Turck's Blog

In his latest blog post, SelfMade, Matt shares his thoughts on our investment in SelfMade:

Not so long ago, designers, chefs, personal trainers, real estate agents and local entrepreneurs may have focused on creating a website – now it is all about Instagram. The channel has been growing exponentially and hit 800 million users last month (CNBC) – a 100 million increase in just 4 months! For those professionals in particular, higher stakes means a lot of work and higher levels of stress.  The irony of Instagram is that it is incredibly easy to get started, but incredibly hard to stand out, with 500 million monthly unique users and everyone else putting their best foot forward. 

Enter SelfMade, a service that addresses exactly this pain point, and democratizes social media marketing at scale.  SelfMade started with an impressive “photo editing as service” offering, and is now building  more and more features to provide what is in essence a social media team in your back pocket.  

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