Fox | 11.14.14

‘Insurance Independence’ for Small Businesses

By Maury Glover


A Minneapolis company is helping small business employees get health insurance, because as many small business owners and employees know, sometimes your own way is the best way.

TEN7 Interactive in the North Loop is home to nearly a dozen young and creative employees, but as a small business, the company couldn’t afford to give the generous benefits that attract the best talent in their growing industry.

“Going through the group health insurance market as a small company with two or three employees we had zero buying power. Things were very, very expensive, so I’ve always been on the lookout for something that would be more affordable,” Ivan Stegic with TEN7 said.

Instead of buying a traditional group health insurance policy for its employees, TEN7 turned to a startup called Gravie to help each worker buy health insurance that’s as individual as they are. TEN7 gives Gravie a flat amount of money for each worker to put towards their premium, then, Gravie advisors help them pick the plan from any insurance company, including those on MNsure, that’s best for them.

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