Forbes | 10.17.16

Inside The Mind Of A VC: AI, Frontier Tech And NYC As An International Startup Hub

By Eyal Bino

In an interview published on Forbes, FirstMark’s Matt Turck shares his thoughts on “AI, Frontier Tech And NYC As An International Startup Hub”:

The evolution of NYC as a vibrant technology ecosystem has been both exciting and fast. For investors and entrepreneurs who are not locally based in New-York however, it poses lots of questions. Is NYC still just about commerce, advertising or media? What are VCs looking for? Is there enough money here for follow-on investments and large rounds like in Silicon Valley? How do you actually attract the attention of investors if you developed your product outside of the U.S. market? These are just a few of the questions I’m constantly being asked by entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders who are “outsiders”.

Recently I sat down with Matt Turck, Managing Director at FirstMark Capital, a top tier NY-based venture capital firm which invests across a broad range of early-stage enterprise and consumer startups. Originally from France, Matt is a successful entrepreneur who moved to the “other side”. He was the co-founder of TripleHop Technologies, a venture-backed enterprise search software startup that was acquired by Oracle, and after spending 5 years at Bloomberg Ventures (now morphed into Bloomberg Beta) he joined FirstMark helping the fund to create even a stronger brand in the US and around the world.

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