FastCompany | 10.01.14

HowGood Rates The Ethics Of Your Groceries, So You Don’t Have To Agonize Over Labels

By Adele Peters

HowGood recently launched their mobile app, which helps consumers purchase “green” groceries by providing a simple rating system based on deep research. FastCompany featured their product on FastCoExist, and below are some of the key takeaways from the article.

  • Around 80 percent of consumers say that they want to buy products from companies that share values like sustainability–but when they actually get to the store, most people don’t actually choose the greener product. Part of the problem might be the fact that it’s hard to tell which companies are actually doing a good job.
  • HowGood solves that problem. The app rates foods using dozens of different criteria — sometimes incorporating week of research on a particular product –– and then provides a simple score that makes any similar products easy to compare.
  • The stores that have HowGood labels have seen a huge impact. On average, products with a “great” label increase in sales by 32%, helping incentivize producers to use best practices even when that costs more.
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