TraceLink | 07.22.14

HDMA ASN Guidelines for DSCSA Implementation Updated

By Brian Daleiden

The “HDMA ASN” as it is known was first published in May 2014. This new update provides additional support for identifying transfer of ownership (e.g. ship to, ship from, buyer and seller information). The update also includes support for the Direct Purchase Statement required when TH, TI and TS are provided to a Dispenser from a Wholesale Distributor under the Direct Purchase DSCSA scenario.

HDMA ASN is one of several interoperable data exchange approaches supported by the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud for end-to-end DSCSA compliance with all trading partners. One connection to the Life Sciences Cloud and a company can exchange DSCSA TH, TI, TS with all suppliers and trading partners, regardless of partner technical capabilities.

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