TechCrunch | 07.13.18

Guru Announces New AI and Sync Features

By Sarah Wells

Today, FirstMark-backed Guru, an internal knowledge sharing company, unveiled a new AI, and syncing and impact analytics features aimed to improve the overall experience of the platform.

“[Customer facing teams] want to be responsive to their customers and feel confident in knowing what they want to communicate to the [them],” Guru CEO and co-founder Rick Nucci told TechCrunch. “They want to respond quickly and they want to respond accurately. [These features] further reduce the time it takes for them to dig up [information] and by reducing that time they’re [solving issues faster] and helping the customer have a better experience with them.”

With the introduction of AI Suggest to its Chrome extension, users will be able to access relevant company information without needing to search for it first. And because the extension can work wherever they work, there’s no time wasted returning to a single site. In its announcement, Guru says that this AI will learn a user’s search patterns overtime and grow to better understand their needs and improve efficiency.

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