Wall Street Journal | 06.01.15

Grocery Labels for Do-Gooders

By Anne Kadet

In this week’s happy news, I learned that the grocery products stocking my kitchen are systematically destroying society and ruining the planet.

The Greek yogurt has a lousy carbon footprint. The ancient jar of mustard was produced with substandard labor practices. And those innocent-looking carrots? Raised by an evil, chemical-crazed agrimonster.

I know this because I’ve been running my edibles past HowGood, a Brooklyn startup that says it has assembled the world’s largest database rating food products on feel-good factors ranging from employee pay and livestock conditions to pesticide practices and distribution methods.

All in all, it has analyzed more than 140,000 items ranging from eggs to granola bars, says chief executive and co-founder Alexander Gillett. That’s nearly half the 300,000 widely used grocery products found nationwide, he says, and the majority of those found in mainstream supermarkets.

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