FirstMark | 06.15.16

Announcing Our Newest Funds

We are excited to announce the closing of two funds: FirstMark IV, a $275MM fund focused on early stage investments; and FirstMark OF II, a $205MM fund focused on allowing us to support companies as they scale.

We are incredibly grateful to the passionate FirstMark founders and the thousands of employees who work relentlessly to build great companies, without whom none of this would be possible. Any success we have is merely a reflection of theirs. We are thankful to our investors, who have entrusted us with their capital and allow us to do what we love. We would also like to thank our many colleagues in the venture industry, with whom we have the privilege of collaborating. And last, we’d like to thank the incredible NYC ecosystem that we call home. In a short period of time, you’ve grown from a small curiosity in the venture landscape to the second deepest tech ecosystem in the country, with a lot more to come!

Reflecting back on the last eight years, we’re very proud of the firm we have built. The foundation remains a strong sense of family and connectedness amongst our portfolio. We have worked tirelessly to build a portfolio of companies and community of employees that know each other deeply, interact frequently, and help selflessly. We have built a platform that connects our entrepreneurs with talent, customers, and expertise, running hundreds of public and private events that touch thousands of people every month. And we have built a best-in-class infrastructure (with a little of our own software magic to boot!) to track how we impact our portfolio and measure its effectiveness, reflecting the data driven firm we aspire to be.

We are at the start of a very long roadmap, and will continue to push the envelope on what it means to be the best partner for entrepreneurs. We look forward to meeting so many more of you in the years to come!