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Jan 2018

  • Jonah Goodhart, Founder and CEO, Moat [No video]
  • Eric Gundersen, Founder and CEO, Mapbox [No video]
  • Eli Portnoy, Founder and CEO, Sense360 [No video]
  • Josh Lefkowitz & Lance James, Founder/CEO & Chief Scientist, Flashpoint [No video]

May 2015

  • Mahmoud El Assir, SVP and CIO of Global Technology Services, Verizon
  • Jake Porway, Founder and Executive Director, DataKind
  • David Luan, Co-Founder, Dextro
  • Sameer Maskey, Founder and CEO, Fusemachines

Dec 2013

  • David Soloff, CEO, Premise
  • Itai Gurari, CEO, Judicata
  • Tim Hwang, CEO, FiscalNote
  • Chris Neumann, CEO, DataHero
  • Matthew Granade, Former Head of Research at Bridgewater and CEO, Domino Data Lab

May 2013

  • Cathy O'Neil, Senior Data Scientist, Johnson Research Labs
  • Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, M6D
  • Drew Conway, Scientist-in-Residence, IA Ventures
  • Chris Wiggins, Professor at Columbia University and Co-Founder, HackNY
  • Max Shron, Data Strategy Consultant and former Data Scientist, OkCupid

Feb 2013

  • Mike Simone, Global Head of CitiData Platform Engineering
  • Emile Werr, Head of Enterprise Data Architecture, NYSE EuroNext
  • Raj Patil, CTO, UBS
  • John Fawcett, CEO, Quantopian
  • Zach Perret, CEO,
  • Shawn Budde, co-founder, ZestFinance

Oct 2012

  • Roger Ehrenberg, Founder and Managing Partner, IA Ventures
  • Ping Li, General Partner, Accel Partners
  • Matt Ocko, Co-Founder and Partner, Data Collective
  • Jeff Carr, COO, Precog
  • Max Yankelevich,

Apr 2012

  • Alex White, Co-Founder and CEO, Next Big Sound
  • David Liu and Jesse St Charles, COO and Data Scientist, Knewton
  • Shawn Edwards and Andrew Paprocki, CTO and Senior Engineer, Bloomberg LP
  • Jaidev Shergill and Phil Kim, CEO and CTO, Bundle

Jan 2012

  • Rob Bailey, CEO, Datasift
  • Tad Martin, CEO, Collective[i]
  • Andrew Nicklin, Director, the New York City Department of IT and Telecommunications
  • Terry Jones, CTO, Fluidinfo
  • Alexander Gillett, CEO, HowGood