Matt Turck's Blog | 02.13.17

Debunking the “No Human” Myth in AI

By Matt Turck

In his latest post, FirstMark’s Matt Turck shares his perspective on the current state of Artificial Intelligence:

What goes up must go down, and the hype around AI will inevitably deflate sooner or later.

One unfortunate consequence of the hype is that it created the widely-shared perception that AI reached seemingly overnight a stage where it can be fully automated, leading both to endless possibilities, as well as concerns about its impact on jobs and society.

However, this is not the reality just yet and, both in private conversations and on social media, I’m starting to increasingly sense a backlash – the general theme being that “so many humans are involved behind the scenes” in various AI products or companies. This is sometimes ushered in Theranos-Like tones, as if the horrible underbelly of the beast was about to be exposed.

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