TechCrunch | 08.04.16

Dashlane, Google launch ‘OpenYOLO’, an API-based password project for Android apps

By Ingrid Lunden

Password management is one of the key defenses — or key weaknesses — when it comes to protecting your data and identity online, and today Dashlane — the digital wallet and password manager startup — announced that it has teamed up with Google to develop another route to trying to fix that. The two have unveiled OpenYOLO — not this YOLO, but short for “you only login once” — an open-source API project for app developers to access passwords stored in password managers, whichever one you happen to use.

OpenYOLO will first target apps built for Android, but the hope is to include other platforms over time, “universal implementation by various apps and password managers across all platforms and operating systems,” Dashlane said in a separate release. From what we understand, Google will be announcing its own involvement on its developer blog soon.

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