Fast Company | 05.01.18

Beth Ferreira in Fast Company: “…an increased number of founders talk about diversity”

By Lydia Dishman

FirstMark’s Beth Ferreira interviewed as part of Fast Company’s “What HR Is Doing To Make Sure There Aren’t More #MeToo Moments”:

As for startups, those that have grown quickly often add to their ranks without the guidance of an HR department, notes Beth Ferreira, a managing director at the New York-based VC firm FirstMark Capital. However, since MeToo, she says investors have seen an increased number of founders talk about diversity on their teams, “even at the earliest stages of their companies where it is arguably one of the hardest times to do that.” Additionally, Ferreira says, “I’ve even had a few founders apologize to me for the lack of diversity on their team pages during their pitch.” These entrepreneurs are also turning the question around to investors. “More founders are asking about gender and other diversity [at the firm] before meeting with potential investors,” she says.

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