Fast Company | 08.02.18

Announcing Our Investment in Willow

By Rina Raphael

FirstMark is proud to announce our seed investment in Willow. Founded by Will Herlands, Willow is de-stigmatizing adult incontinence through thoughtfully-designed, direct-to-consumer incontinence briefs that save time and money.

“It’s kind of a taboo topic,” Will Herlands says of his newest venture. “Understandably, people don’t like to talk about peeing in your pants.”

He’s talking about adult incontinence—and while it may not be dinner conversation, it’s more common than you may know. Bladder leakage affects 30%-40% of older women and 15% of men. That’s about 25 million people in the U.S. and 400 million worldwide. And those with it have little to turn to beyond what amounts to bulky, unflattering adult diapers. From the design to the feel, even the shopping experience (85% of sales are in-store), it’s far from ideal, despite being an $8 billion global market.

The lack of adequate offerings motivated Herlands to found Willow, a direct-to-consumer line of affordable and disposable leak-free underwear for both men and women. The new company offers a more discreet and fashion-forward approach, delivered right to one’s door.

“You can get 10 different types of super-fancy socks that do all sorts of things these days,” laughs Herlands. “Why can’t you have that same type of experience for incontinence, a huge issue that totally shapes your life?”

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