TechCrunch | 08.07.18

Announcing Our Investment In Klara

By Jordan Crook

FirstMark is proud to announce our Series A investment in Klara! Founded by Simon Bolz and Simon Lorenz, Klara is fundamentally changing the way communication works in the healthcare industry. TechCrunch covered the news (below) and Simon Bolz shared his thoughts on the recent funding here.

Health tech continues to make impressive strides forward, but some pieces of the healthcare puzzle are still lagging way behind. Communication is one of those pieces. But a startup called Klara, which just received $11.5 million in Series A, is looking to change that.

As it stands now, the vast majority of communication across a practice, both internally and with patients, happens either in person or on the phone. A good deal of this communication is either diagnostic, or part of the treatment, and yet phone calls and one-on-one convos don’t offer a record of the conversation. They also take time.

According to Klara, the average practice misses around 34 percent of calls. Missed calls turn into calls back, which often turns into an endless game of phone tag. These back-and-forth calls take up a good chunk of a practice staff’s time. But Klara, a HIPAA-compliant messaging service, saves up to two hours of time for a medical practice’s staff each day. The service lets all departments of a practice, from doctors to physician’s assistants to nurses to the payments department and the scheduling department, communicate via text around a patients diagnosis and treatment. The platform also allows medical staff to communicate directly with a patient regarding scheduling and treatment.

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