Proletariat Blog | 02.10.15

And now a word from our sponsors…

By Seth Sivak

During our weekly Twitch streams, I often get asked where the money to run Proletariat and fund World Zombination comes from. I’m happy to shed light on the topic, as we are lucky to have partnered with excellent investors to close out our Series A round of funding. This is also a great opportunity to talk about our goals and how we got here.

When we started Proletariat back in 2012, we knew that going independent meant the opportunity to make the types of games we feel passionate about. We wanted to bring the massively multiplayer online game experience to the modern player.

I personally only have about an hour a day to play games, and that time is often split up across different devices and times of day. The other founders and myself missed the days of four-hour guild raids and large-scale team battles. That feeling is what we aim to deliver on new platforms.

Now on to the facts:

How much did you raise?

We raised $6 million led by Spark Capital, along with FirstMark Capital and Atlas Ventures. Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital is joining the board with Nabeel Hyatt from Spark Capital, Proletariat’s CTO Dan Ogles, and myself.

Why these investors?

Spark Capital is a no brainer. They invested in Oculus during the seed stage and have been involved in massive startup successes including Twitter and Tumblr. Their portfolio and the specific experience of Nabeel Hyatt brings so much to the table.

FirstMark Capital has extensive experience in games, and their early involvement with Riot on League of Legends gave me tons of confidence in their knowledge and foresight. This investment is valuable to us in many ways beyond the investment dollars.

What are you going to do with the money?

First and foremost, it gives us a chance to ensure World Zombination is a great game. It means we can choose to launch World Zombination when we feel it is finished and ready (trust me, it will be coming soon). We are also planning to use the money to invest more into our pursuit of building an awesome community of players around Proletariat’s games and then of course, continuing to make more games.

Why that much money?

I view this $6 million as both freedom and security, for the entire Proletariat team. This ensures that we can stay independent and have full control of the projects we choose to build. This investment allows us to stay focused on our mission of building the games we care about in an industry that is rapidly shifting.

Are you hiring?

Yes, you can check out our careers page for more info.



Seth Sivak, CEO


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